Our NFT marketplace will soon be integrated into our platform.

This will enable anyone to easily sell their Music NFT’s within our APP.

The users of our marketplace will be able to choose between selling their NFT’s spot style or auction style.

A portion of the fees collected from our marketplace will be burned, further reducing our total supply of NFTMUSIC tokens.

Our upcoming Google Play and Apple App Store apps (submissions underway) will enable anyone to create and trade NFTs from their smartphone through our platform with just a few clicks.

NFTs have never been simpler with NFT MUSIC STREAM!

Create Account

Creating an account with NFT MUSIC STREAM is Super Easy. Once registered, you will gain access to our platform. Then you can discover, stream, and share a constantly expanding mix of music from emerging and major artists around the world. And that's just the start...

Buy & Sell

NFT MUSIC STREAM users can then upload and sell audio / music as NFTs with our simple, easy to use beautiful NFT Platform with a matching beautiful UI. Our easy to use marketplace operates with very low transaction fees.

Safe & Secure

We take SECURITY VERY SERIOUSLY at NFT MUSIC STREAM. When beginning to stream a track, a NFT MUSIC STREAM user will make a request to an artist’s elected content nodes, including a payment or other proof if required, for a proxy re-encryption key specific to the segment of the track being consumed. To service this request, the content node derives a proxy re-encryption key using the users public wallet key and the private key used to encrypt the requested track and return it successfully.